Ascorbic Acid Flush

by admin

ascorbic acid flushQ: What is an ascorbic acid flush?

A: This is a so-called flush which involves consuming a large quantity of ascorbic acid – such as 1000mg or more – which allegedly flushes out your system. The truth of the matter is they might be nothing more than a fad. In fact, many have reported adverse reactions like watery stools and other side effects. This is a nutrient your body needs, but not in excess amounts. Just stick with quality organic vitamin C supplements instead!


Some even claim that this flush may be harmful to your health. The digestive problems can lead to dehydration – which messes with your body’s delicate balance of healthy bacteria. More seriously, excessive dosages of ascorbic acid have been linked to the formation of stones in the kidneys – not only are these extremely painful, but removal is not cheap. There are even other bad things I read… with all these negatives… I think I’ll pass on an ascorbic acid flush!

Other Important Words of Caution
Nowadays it seems that everywhere we turn there is someone peddling a supplement which they claim to cure a serious disease. While it’s true that most vitamins are extremely beneficial – some even necessary for human life – these claims have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. Is it possible some of those wild claims are true? Sure. But if they are presenting the suspected benefits as fact, be wary.
The truth of the matter is we don’t have all the answers. And now more than ever, more and more companies are hopping on the supplement bandwagon to get rich. So for example, if an ascorbic acid flush claims it can cure a flu or some other substantial claim, the fact is that claim has not been proven.

The Vitamins That You Actually Need
As mentioned, vitamins and supplements are extremely important to healthy living. But rather than deciphering alleged product claims, why not instead just focus on getting adequate amounts of these nutrients?

And here’s where there’s a big difference between supplements sold – most use synthetic versions of vitamins. For example, an ascorbic acid flush uses the artificial form (ascorbic acid) of vitamin C. I knew this acid was synthetically created, but what I didn’t know (until recently) was that it is not identical to the vitamin C complex in its natural form!

This is why I now use organic multi vitamins. Instead of creating the vitamins in a lab, they source them directly from foods. The benefits of using them are not just phony-bologna… it is fact that the synthetic versions of many vitamins are only a fragment of the natural complex form. So I don’t always buy into the whole organic hooplah, but when it comes to organic supplements, I now realize why they’re so much better.