Ascorbic Acid Powder

by admin

ascorbic acid powderWe need vitamin C to survive. In addition to supporting vital bodily functions, it is said to support your immune system.

Now ascorbic acid is used to fortify a wide array of supplements and foods. However some are concerned as to whether it is being digested properly. Because it is said to be more absorbable, many people are now turning to pure ascorbic acid powder.



In recent years, there have been numerous products which have come out that incorporate ascorbic acid powder. One of the most notable would be those fizzy vitamin C drink mix products like Emergen-C. Presently there are a number of different companies which sell similar powder supplements. Often times, they also include other vitamins, minerals, and nutrients in their formula to allegedly enhance the benefits. One complaint though people have about these supplements are that they are often expensive. Many opt to buy a tub of the powder to make their own instead.

What is vitamin C powder?
Well, some argue there are two different answers to this question. For decades now, the FDA has allowed companies in the US to market ascorbic acid as vitamin C. However it should be noted this acid is a synthetically created, partial-version of vitamin C in its natural form. Currently the consensus among most is that this acid offers the same advantages.

What are the benefits of ascorbic acid?
There are many companies out there who make some pretty wild claims as to how this ingredient can benefit you. However you should realize those claims have not been validated or endorsed by the FDA. The reason for this is because in 1994 the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act was passed. This changed the rules…. for the most part, as long as product is not sold to “treat/cure/prevent a disease” and it is sold as a “dietary supplement,” then the FDA would not evaluate the product’s claims. This means that a manufacturer can make various claims and hide behind that protection… whether their claims are true or not is largely dependent upon their honesty and integrity.

Now that I’ve got out of the way, I can talk about some of the alleged benefits some have claimed ascorbic acid offers. The most common of course is with the immune system. Many claim that it helps boost the immune system and some take that a step further to even claim that it can help fight off infections and they even go so far as to say it can help with cancer, asthma, blood clotting, and an array of other diseases. They shouldn’t be saying it can be used as a treatment for anything, since that is not allowed.

So I’m not going to comment on those alleged benefits since I am not qualified to do so, but I will say that vitamin C is something people can’t live without it. It is essential to human life. So for that reason alone, it is extremely important that we make sure we get enough of it.

Is natural vitamin C the best choice?
Because ascorbic acid is synthetically created and it is only a partial piece of the form which is found in plants, many favor using a natural plant-derived form of it instead. Typically this can be acquired from whole food vitamin C and some organic supplements.