Pure Ascorbic Acid

by admin

pure ascorbic acidThe benefits of vitamin C are well known, which is why this supplement has skyrocketed in popularity over the past few years. Although there are countless products out there which make use of this vitamin, many prefer to use pure ascorbic acid.


One of the arguments that I often hear for using the pure form is because of how it is manufactured. Allegedly there is only one manufacturer left in the United States and roughly 80% of the world’s supply is now made in China. Not only is that disappointing, but potentially dangerous in my opinion, considering that country’s track record for cutting corners and providing us unsafe products.

Because there are so few who make ascorbic acid, pretty much every supplement brand is not making their own. That means they are buying it in a bulk elsewhere, sometimes from China. The worst part is the ingredient label may not say where they’re getting it… so you could unknowingly be taking it.

Buy Ascorbic Acid Directly
When you buy pure ascorbic acid directly, since it’s the only ingredient, odds are they will disclose where it is made. This puts the quality control in your own hands; you can choose to buy only that which is made domestically.

Pure Ascorbic Acid Benefits
The other argument many make for using it in its pure form is for the alleged benefits associated with it. Some believe it is more beneficial to take the pure form, instead of mixing it up with other additives, preservatives, and substances. Whether this is true or not, I don’t know, but there are many out there who if for no other reason, simply prefer getting their dose in this form.

Organic Vitamins
Alternately, there are many who try and avoid ascorbic acid all together. Why? Because it is a laboratory recreation of the real thing. It is said to be a fragment of the complete vitamin C structure in its natural state. However whatever form it’s in, this is a nutrient which is essential to human life, so you need to get it from somewhere. But many are now opting for organic vitamin C and organic supplements instead, which use the natural form.