Whole Food Vitamin C

by admin
The Acerola fruit is rich in natural vitamin C

The Acerola fruit is rich in natural vitamin C

As I’ve already talked about, I prefer to buy whole food vitamin C over ascorbic acid. As I’ve discussed elsewhere on my blog, ascorbic acid is only a partial component of the entire natural form of the vitamin C complex. Many say it doesn’t matter, because they claim the reduced form (ascorbic) is the active part of the component.

I personally – as well as many credible researchers – believe that all the components of the natural vitamin C form (which include the terrosenase enzyme and vitamins J, K, P) might work together in synergy. So although ascorbic acid is the main component, and the others may seem unimportant separately, it’s possible that together they work differently. Regardless, wouldn’t you rather be consuming natural vitamin C instead of ascorbic acid that is created in a laboratory?

What is whole food vitamin C?
No, this has nothing to do with the store of the similar name! Whole food vitamin C refers to that which has been derived directly from whole food sources. They moisture and excess pulp is removed, which makes it possible to pack a small capsule with a decent amount of the vitamin. Since vitamin C is destroyed by heat and pasteurization, this process does not involve heating.

Where does whole food vitamin C come from?
In order to collect adequate supplies and still keep the supplement normal size, they collect the whole food vitamin C from the fruits and vegetables which are most rich in this nutrient. Most of them are exotic fruits that are found in remote parts of South America and other regions and the odds are, you’ve probably never ate them fresh before. Examples include the acerola fruit, rose hips, and camu camu berry. Reportedly, these contain 30 to 60x the amount of vitamin C as oranges do (when comparing equal volumes of each).

How much does whole food vitamin C cost?
As you can imagine, this is not quite as cheap as the factory created ascorbic acid. Fortunately though, it’s not that expensive if you know where to look. As a resident in LA, I checked all around town at the stores that sell natural health supplements… their prices were expensive. However I was able to buy whole food 100% organic vitamin C online in higher strengths and greater quantity, for less than half what the local stores were charging per bottle. So if you buy natural supplements via the web, the prices are very reasonable.

Since many vitamins use artificial, lab created forms, I have a feeling natural vitamin C as well as many others will become very popular in the years to come.